Bottleless Water Coolers
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Water Coolers for Hospitals and Healthcare

When clean water and hygene is the most important factor, our Water Coolers are up to the challenge. Regular tap water and water fountains can contain bacteria and pathogens such as E.coli, Legionella and Streptococcus. With high end stainless steel tanks and our top of the line Reverse Osmosis filtration technology, our coolers are up to the challenge.
Cooler for Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospital Water

Our coolers can be equipped with Reverse Osmosis and Ultraviolet (UV) technology to handle most stringent Healthcare requirements. Coolers can be configured for drinking water to go through UV before water is dispensed so you can get healthiest, freshest water which is also biological contaminant-free. Also, FW-750 cooler is ADA Compliant.

Doctors Love Our Coolers!

Doctors and healthcare professionals love our coolers! The main fed machines never run out of water. The result is better health, premium water quality vs. bottled water and lowered costs.

Cooler Certifications:

Our coolers have been tested to various industry standards and are top performing machines.
Cooler Certifications

List of Products»     Bottleless vs. Bottled»