Bottleless Water Coolers
Keeping the water cooler filled with fresh water should not be a job in itself.
So why are you working so hard just to get a simple glass of water?

Why Is The Water Cooler Eating Into Your Profits, Time, And Productivity?

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“I had no idea how much of my time and energy was devoted to keeping track of all the bottles of water and making sure the cooler was always full for my hard-working employees. Now, with our Point-Of-Use bottless water cooler, I can concentrate once again on the most important part of my business—the bottom line!”
--Jon Kreps, small business owner


The actual cost of bottled water may not be your biggest concern, but the HIDDEN COSTS of bottles can add up to BIG SAVINGS over the course of a year!
This is the same problem with many of the things in our lives. For instance, that fancy new sports car probably comes with a healthy payment every month—but that is only part of the story where the expense of owning that sports car is concerned. Along with that monthly payment, you need to think about how much more you are going to be paying for: insurance, reduced gas mileage, high octane fuel, fancy high-performance racing tires, etc. By the time it is all calculated, that sports car may end up costing you hundreds—even thousands—of dollars more every year in addition to the higher payments! The very same principle applies to the bottled water in your home or office.

Point-of-Use Water Cooler savings Here Are Just Some of the Hidden Ways That Your Bottled Water Cooler is Leeching Away Your Profits or Savings:
  1. Lost productivity replacing bottles
  2. Time spent keeping up with the paperwork
  3. Lost time during delivery of new bottles
  4. Creating potential Workman’s Comp. issues due to lower back injuries when replacing empty bottles
  5. Reduction of usable work space due to storage requirements
  6. Dry cleaning costs due to spillage while replacing bottles
  7. Lost time at work due to illnesses related to bacteria spreading from the mouth of the bottle (where workers open the seal) to the water cooler itself
How Bottled Water Cooler is Leeching Away Your Profits or Savings:
  1. Bottled water is much more expensive
  2. Lost productivity replacing bottles
  3. Time spent keeping up with the paperwork
  4. Lost time during delivery of new bottles
  5. Reduction of usable work space
And more!

Loss Of Productivity

We do not have to tell you how important productivity is in today’s competitive marketplace—so let’s just talk about how a traditional bottled water cooler is affecting the entire productivity of your office.

1. Paperwork Tracking/Completion

Money Stack If you have a rental/lease agreement for your bottled water cooler, then time is devoured each and every month on paperwork—in addition to the paperwork involved simply keeping track of deliveries of your water! Many companies require deposits which can create additional headaches for you and your accounting system. A Point-of-Use system, however, does not require any additional paperwork once the unit is purchased. You will need to order new cartridges annually—but that is the extent of it! Every Point-of-Use system receives water directly from your existing plumbing and therefore requires no tracking, lease agreements, or deposits—and thus no paperwork! Even if you assume that all paperwork relating to a bottled water cooler adds up to no more than 15 minutes every month (and that is a very conservative estimate!), that equals 3 hours of productivity each year—just doing the paperwork! How much is your time worth?

2. Delivery Interruptions

Now we are not trying to say that every delivery of bottled water completely interrupts the office, but there is always at least one person that must verify delivery and sign the shipping receipt. Although the delivery person may be very efficient at their job, they still must make one trip inside to pick up the empty bottles and another to deliver they new ones. Again, this may not amount to more than 10-15 minutes every month for one employee—but that adds up over the course of a year and cannot help but sap profits. With a Point-Of-Use system, there is no lost productivity due to delivery issues—period.

3. Replacing Empty Bottles

How many bottles of water does your company use in a given month? Depending on the location of your stored bottles, this simple but very necessary process may take up to five minutes each time a bottle needs replaced. If you have an office with 30 people (which use an average of 15 bottles of water every month), this very simple and innocent action can literally drain 15 hours worth of productivity from your office! With benefits included, an employee may cost $20 or more per hour so replacing your empty bottles is costing the business $300 every year! But with a Point-Of-Use system—a simple 30-minute installation assures you that no more productivity will be lost keeping the troops well-hydrated and happy.

4. Illness/Injury

Now many of us assume that bottled water has been purified/distilled to the point that potential bacterial or viral issues should be non-existent. Truthfully, bottled water manufacturers ship their products free of these biological hazards. However, between the delivery person handling your bottled water to the person who actually places the new bottles on the cooler, there is a very real potential for cross-contamination. Every time that seal is broken and handled by human hands, you have a potential for infection and illness. Because the neck of each bottle is placed into the cooler where water is already standing, each and every glass of H2O becomes a possible source of infection. With a Point-Of-Use system, however, all water that comes out of the unit is completely pure and free of bacteria, viruses, and contaminents—period. So long as you replace the cartridges when recommended, there is no potential for losing productivity because of contaminated water.

Another potential for lost productivity is due to injuries caused by replacing the water bottles. Every gallon of water weighs 8 pounds so those 5-gallon bottles weigh 40 pounds each. Because there are no handles on the bottles, the weight is awkward for someone to manage and that is precisely why lower back injuries are a very real concern for office managers and business owners who use standard water coolers. Now while the lost productivity due to a back injury may give you cause for concern—the potential Workman’s Compensation claim should positively mortify you.

There are two very good reasons why this is not some Hyped-Up sales pitch:
1) First, it is a fact that the workforce is aging and that the average age of employees are increasing in most industries. It is no secret that a person loses strength as they age and that is why the potential for lower back injuries is very real for mature workers trying to replace an awkward 40-pound bottle of water.
2) Secondly, it is also a fact that the percentage of women in the workplace is also increasing. It is also true that women do not have the same upper-body strength as men (given the same size and weight). Therefore, women employees who replace empty water bottles are at increased risk for back injuries. Point-Of-Use units do not require any lifting on the part of anyone in your company—period. Your company may not have any back injuries for years due to bottled water replacement—but just one Workman’s Comp. claim can be disasterous for smaller businesses—and downright painful for larger businesses as well.

5. Lost/Underutilized Space

Does your business lease its space? If so, it is quite common for the rate to be determined by the square footage of the office. So, how much space does your company need to set aside for empty/full water bottles every month? Multipy that square footage by the amount you are paying for the lease and you know precisely how much storing those water bottles are costing your bottom line. For companies based in places like New York City and other high-rent areas, the cost of storing those water bottles can literally add up to thousands of dollars each year! Even for businesses that own their office space and/or live in moderately priced markets, the simple fact remains that storing water bottles does not generate revenue—period. One way or another, profits decrease due to bottled water storage. However, with a Point-Of-Use system, the only space used is for the unit itself just like a standard water cooler unit—but with no additional space being lost for all those bottles of water!

Point of Use Alternative

Simply put—a POU system provides cleaner, crisper, and higher quality water than traditional water coolers while increasing your bottom line in the process. Every POU unit filters and purifies existing tap water using specially designed cartridges that ensure both purity and quality by removing inorganic/organic contaminants.

Bottled versus Bottleless? A no-brainer decision

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