Bottleless Water Coolers
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Water Cooler Product Comparison

Being part of the long-time US-based supplier family of high quality water bottleless coolers, we can provide inside and compare cooler buying options with our honest , market leading opinion.

So, you want to buy a Cheap Water Cooler? Be aware that anything cheap comes from the lowest denominator - chinese-made product with the cheapest possible components that will go bad within months. You can't help it, companies who go for the lowest cost get the lowest quality. Even Brita now has a cooler that - quite frankly (our opinion) - is junk.

Compare Water Cooler Suppliers

There are a number of products on the US market that are of different quality and come from various suppliers. Mostly you can divide them into chinese and non-chinese manufacturers. If a price of a cooler is below $300, it is typically made in China. A better quality product would have CE and ROHS certifications, as well as use NSF- or Water Quality Association -certified components. The best coolers on the market use highest grade stainless steel tanks and LG compressors.

Water Cooler Certifications

If you work for a Hospital or Medical Care Facility, you may also be able to find ADA-Compliant coolers. We also have one, FW-750.

Water Coolers - Where to Buy Guide

So, can I buy a cooler at Amazon?

You certainly can. Let us warn you , however:

  1. Amazon doesn't carry bottleless coolers, so you are buying from a 3-rd party reseller who can be a garage based, beer money making guy. Who may know exactly 0 about your product OR water filtration and may not even ever have seen or used a product;
  2. Amazon has poor customer service and doesn't handle any warranty issues
  3. Amazon doesn't sell replacement cartridges, 3-rd party merchant does on Amazon Marketplace. Are you sure your supplier will be there a few months or years down the line when you need to replace filters?
  4. Neither Amazon nor their 3-rd party seller usually know anything about water quality or purification - this is not t-shirts or similar widgets, if your cooler doesn't produce quality water anymore what are you going to do?

Amazon has become very similar to eBay, where they push prices down and force legitimate merchants selling higher quality products out , while replacing them with garage based sellers and small companies selling poor quality chinese products at lowest cost.

What about eBay?

You are not only going to have hard time finding replacement filter suppliers if you ordered on eBay. You will have difficulties with warranty , because eBay doesn't keep their order records beyond 6 months.

So how are you different?

We are glad you've asked. We have been in this business over a decade, where we sold thousands of coolers in a very wide range of markets from Government to high end manufacturers, universities, to offices , gyms, car companies and more. We know the coolers. We know water purification as this is what we specialize in, yes we can spell Trihalomethanes. We can answer questions over the phone or email today, tomorrow and three years down the road. Our products use industry leading components such as LG compressors and have one of the best warranties. We like them too, and hope you do as well!


List of Products»     Bottleless vs. Bottled»