Bottleless Water Coolers

Water Coolers in Canada

We ship our bottleless coolers world-wide from several warehouses in the United States. Our water purification devices have been sold to over 60 countries. We routinely ship coolers anywhere in Canada at costs that are lower than canadian local freight delivery. AND our coolers are priced at 50% discount versus your local distributors. A no-brainer money saver!

Water Coolers in Canada

Hot And Cold Water Dispenser

All water dispensers we have produce on-demand hot and cold water that's extremely well purified. Our coolers have a final assembly and filtration system installs in USA with high quality, NSF certified US parts. With Best Warranty on the market and our unique position to ship directly to Canada at low cost will let us handle parts and warranty issues with ease.

Where To Buy in Canada

We ship our machines directly to Canada using an air service at a very, very low cost. We also have a partner directly in Canada, Toronto Ontario area, who may be able to send the units ground if you want it shipped that way. Other canadian destinations, Montreal and Ottawa are just as close , with Calgary in Alberta taking a few additional days.

Cooler Delivery Times to Canada

As we mentioned above, our units ship directly to Canada using an air service at a very, very low cost. This allows us to deliver within 1-2 weeks. We also offer expedited delivery which may cost additional $50-$100 - this is still WAY, WAY LOWER than ordering from your local supplier.


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