Bottleless Water Coolers

Bottled Cooler Has Problems, And They Are Growing!

Bottled Coolers have open reservoirs that have proven bacteria growth.

It Is Mandated in Europe to Clean Bottled Cooler every 3 months

Bottled Water Cooler

Traditional, bottled coolers have open hole at the top. This is designed so you can fill reservoir inside the unit when you turn around and install a bottle on it. Along with water from the bottle, reservoir also receives bacteria, dust, dirt, algae, germs and other things from the environment. Bacteria then starts growing inside the reservoir. Eventually, a biofilm will form (fills like slime). So you see clean bottle at the top, but water inside is not so!

Bottled water cooler manufactures know perfectly well about it. But won't do a thing.

Do you want proof? A European study has been done on this, and a law enacted , mandating all bottled coolers to be cleaned every 3 month!

Tufts University also made a study on this , it was published in Diet & Nutrition Letter (Vol.10, No. 6). They concluded the same thing, that bacteria infection inside reservoirs of these bottled machines is real!

When was the last time you cleaned your bottled cooler?.

Isn't it time to start making the right decisions regarding your water?


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